Ausec entreprise locaux

Ausec is a French company located in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region. It develops and markets solutions intended to protect property and equipment against floods and water damage.


The damage caused by a sudden water intrusion into the home can be considerable, both psychologically and financially.

To enable everyone to protect their property from flooding and water damage, Ausec has developed a technology and various technical solutions.

Ausec offers efficient, intuitive solutions so that everyone can deal with floods and water damage independently.


Ausec Human Scale Company Trust Ausec Made in France ENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESS

Our structure allows us to maintain close relationships with our employees and to listen to them. Thus, the roles and responsibilities of each are recognized within Ausec.

To build a lasting relationship, trust is essential. Ausec offers its customers personalized listening in order to offer them the best suited solutions to their needs.

In addition to contributing to the local economy, we put our expertise and innovation in the spotlight to offer our customers quality solutions in an ecological dimension.


Ausec Eco Friendly

Ausec pays particular attention to the impact its solutions can have on the environment. This is why we have selected non-polluting, recyclable and even biodegradable materials (tested and approved according to standard NF EN 14995). Working with local players allows us to minimize our ecological impact by reducing transport distances.

Ausec offers environmental friendly solutions and recyclable materials to make a positive contribution to the challenges of sustainable development. It is our responsibility to offer neutral solutions for our planet in order to respect future ecological issues and to protect our planet.



Develop and associate new technologies to offer the best solutions to our customers.


Protect the material and movable property of our customers in the event of a disaster.